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Wednesday, December 24th, 2008 01:46 pm (UTC)
I really like her awareness that she was manufacturing opportunities for herself, and the oh-so-human desire to capitalize on a chance to impress and connect with someone you're romantically interested in. That makes her vulnerable and ordinary in a sympathetic and not pitiful way. She knew she was doing it, and she resisted admitting it at the time, but she's straight with herself about it now. For me, that sets up her attitude at the end really well. She's wounded but she can acknowledge it and get a grip and suck it up. (Implicit pun there with the tequila, too, I guess. *g*)

I absolutely love the grim, teeth-clenched determination of Until. She. Is. And I really like that there's no simmering resentment or sense that she feels betrayed. What is, is; it hurts -- the recognition of self-delusion as much as the dashed hopes, I think -- but she's strong and she won't let it stop her from caring for the people she cares about. There's also a sense that she's determined not to let anyone see that she's hurt (do a world-class job), which is a little different from the strong-willed decision to deal with it, and something else to empathize with. And I really like that she's not kicking herself, telling herself she's an idiot for how she feels or what she assumed or hoped. Again, what is, is -- including how she feels -- and she's already dealing.

I love outsider views of Jack/Daniel, and what everyone else said -- that's a lovely, killer kiss. It's so tricky when it's Carter providing that outsider viewpoint. I'm glad your Carter will be OK.

Also, it's a nice touch that Daniel's the one who told her about the telescope on the deck, since there's canon support for a lot of what Carter knows about Jack's personal life coming via Daniel, in the very early seasons ... and within the context of this fic, it's foreshadowing as well.


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